What Is a Fat Pad Impingement of the Knee?

Fat pad impingement of the knee occurs when the fat pad, a cushioning structure located behind the patellar tendon, becomes pinched or irritated. This may result in pain, swelling, and hamstring movement restrictions. Shear stress, overuse, and biomechanical problems such as malalignment, are regular sources of strain. Knee specialists in India well understand Fat pad […]

Revolutionising Knee Surgery in Mumbai

Knee pain is one of the most common health problems prevailing in India and has become a common complaint from people of all ages. Knee pain may be caused as a result of an injury or due to existing medical conditions such as gout, arthritis, and infections. Most of the time, minor knee pain can […]

Hip Synovitis Surgery in Mumbai: When to Consider?

Hip synovitis is a medical condition that refers to the synovial membrane inflammation surrounding the hip joint. The synovial membrane is responsible for the smooth movement of the hip joint. For various reasons, this synovial membrane gets inflamed, leading to pain, stiffness in the joint, swelling, and a potential reduction in the range of motion, […]

Ganglion Cyst Knee Symptoms and Treatment

Many of us have likely encountered a small, oval-shaped bump on our hands or knees. These cysts, known as ganglion cysts, come in varying sizes, filled with a thick, spongy substance, and are mobile under the skin. While they may seem threatening, they are generally harmless and easily treatable. “Ganglion cysts are non-cancerous lumps that […]

Meniscus Tear in Knee: Symptoms Causes and Treatment

The knee is the most robust joint in the human body, comprising a complex structure of ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, and cartilage. Any injury or damage to these components will impede the knee joint’s optimal function. Owing to its fundamental role in human mobility, even a mild injury to it can be profoundly debilitating. The […]

Hip Instability Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Hip pain, the sensation of the hip giving away, clicking and popping signs, muscle weakness, and limited mobility are common hip problems experienced by older adults who seek consultation with Dr Niraj Vora at our medical facility in Mumbai. Hip instability always happens to be the most common cause of all the above problems, and […]

Intracapsular Hip Fracture Treatment | Dr Niraj Vora

An intracapsular hip fracture is a severe injury that demands immediate and specialised medical attention due to its disabling nature. It is crucial to consult with the best hip surgeon in India for optimal treatment for this ailment. Surgeons specialising in orthopaedics in India possess advanced skills and techniques that enable them to offer tailor-made treatments for […]

Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty Treatment

During a knee replacement, worn-out sections of bone and cartilage are eliminated and replaced with artificial components that have the same form. Total replacement of the knee is suggested when wear is present throughout. Whereas, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is advised when wear and tear only affects a portion of the knee. Knee replacement specialists in Mumbai […]

Does Stress and Anxiety Cause Joint Pain | Dr Niraj Vora

Age-related degeneration of bones, autoimmune disorders, bursitis, injuries or even viral infections are many reasons for joint pain. But the most surprising potential addition to this list is stress and anxiety. So, do stress and anxiety cause joint pain? Yes, many people experience joint pain from stress & anxiety daily. Even a PubMed study revealed […]

Hip Retroversion Symptoms and Treatment in Mumbai

In medical terminology, ‘version’ is the term that refers to the angle of an organ in relation to the other organ, body part or structure of the body. The word, ‘retroversion’ suggests the backward rotation which is usually used in abnormal cases. So, what does hip retroversion mean and how does it impact human function? […]