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Excessive Calcium Supplement Intake is Risky:

Calcium is an essential component of the human body. For healthy bones, teeth and muscles, the human body needs adequate calcium intake. For adults of the age 19 to 50, 2500 mg calcium intake per day is enough. The limit of calcium intake for people above 50 is 2000 mg per day. Thus, a certain amount of calcium consumption is crucial for healthy bones, muscles, and teeth.

However, excessive calcium intake may cause danger. People often take calcium supplements which the body may not require. Orthopedic Surgeon Mumbai suggests getting calcium from natural food items rather than taking supplements. Dr. Niraj Vora, who is famous for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai and says that excessive calcium intake can increase the risk of cancer and can be fatal.

Expert Orthopedic Surgeon Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora has been working in the field for many years. Combining all the research results, Dr. Vora states that excess calcium intake can cause severe bone damage and muscle pain. As the excess calcium can't be absorbed by the body, a calcium imbalance occurs resulting in laziness, and poor brain function.

Thankfully, patients can get total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai to eliminate issues related to the condition. In case of any difficulty, you can now get advanced and trusted orthopedic treatment from Dr. Niraj Vora.

The expert Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai has noticed severe problems resulted from hypercalcemia. The first damage is done to the kidney as it can't absorb and filter the excess calcium. As a result, kidney diseases may appear. Simultaneously, stomach upset is a common sign of hypercalcemia. You may feel lazy, dizzy, and tired due to excess calcium intake.

Moreover, you may cause damage to your bones and muscles if you take calcium more than your body needs. However, if you get any symptoms and doubt of an excess calcium intake case, you must consult Dr. Niraj Vora orthopedic surgeon Mumbai for the best treatment.

Excessive calcium intake can cause brain damage. Your brain functions slow, you feel drowsy, inactive, and unmotivated. It makes you upset and lethargic. Also, your heart can be affected too due to excess calcium intake. Palpitations, fainting, cardiac arrhythmia, and many other heart-related diseases may appear as a result of excess calcium intake.

If your thirst increases suddenly and you urinate frequently, you feel nausea, have abdominal pain or notice any similar symptoms, immediately consult an orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai.

Dr. Niraj Vora is a reliable and eminent doctor in the world of orthopedics. His expertise and knowledge make him the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. Especially in case of any severe injury to bones or muscles, if you need a total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai, Dr, Niraj Vora is the ultimate destination for you.

Thus, you have to be very careful about your regular calcium intake to avoid health risks that can be fatal. Also, in case of any related difficulty, immediately consult an orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai.