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Revised joint replacement packages and pricing as per Govt NPPA implant pricing, effective 16th Aug 2017.

What every woman should know

If chronic knee pain caused by arthritis is keeping you from the activities you enjoy, knee replacement is one option that can help you regain your active lifestyle.

There are important differences between women and men, and most knee replacements are now designed with those differences in mind. Shaped to the contours and dimensions of the female knee, today’s implants offer patients a more natural fit..

If you are a woman considering your treatment options, here are some important keys to successful knee replacement.

Don'T Delay

Ask your physician how you can take control of your knee pain.

Implant Design

Shape, size and feel matter when choosing the right knee implants for women.

Implant Material

OXINIUM* Oxidized Zirconium is used to make superior, potentially longer-lasting implants.


The final key to successful knee replacement is you

A gender specific knee replacement implant is a special type of joint replacement that has been designed either for a man or a woman. Orthopedic manufacturers have started to manufacture these gender specific implants in an effort to improve the durability and function of knee joint replacement. Since women are more likely to suffer knee problems, Dr Niraj Vora advices special treatment procedure for women.