Revised joint replacement packages and pricing as per Govt NPPA implant pricing, effective 16th Aug 2017.

Don't delay

Early Diagnosis And Treatment Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Do not delay your decision to seek treatment. Not only does the knee joint potentially become harder to repair but you may also do permanent and irrevocable damage to the joint and it may never function as well as it used to. Don't wait. Take control of your knee pain.

Women Are More Likely to Suffer From Arthritis Pain - And To Delay Treatment

A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that while women are more likely to suffer from arthritis than men, they are three times less likely to undergo knee replacement to relieve their pain.

If you're a woman suffering from Chronic Knee Pain, you may often notice how this pain affects your daily activities such as walking or enjoying family events, and it may even be disrupting your sleep. Yet as a woman, you may often wait to seek treatment due to the uncertainty of the recovery period and how it may impact your life and family.

When non-surgical treatments such as exercise or anti-inflammatory medications no longer relieve your pain and your knee dictates what you can and cannot do, it is time to talk to your Orthopaedic Surgeon about knee replacement surgery

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