Revised joint replacement packages and pricing as per Govt NPPA implant pricing, effective 16th Aug 2017.

Implant Design

Designed To Fit Your Body

If chronic knee pain caused by arthritis is keeping you from the activities you enjoy, knee replacement is one option that can help you regain your active lifestyle.

Shape,Size And Feel Matter

Knee replacements have long been available in many sizes. Today’s modern designs are focused on smaller sized implants for women and larger for men, with a wide range of sizing in-between. Accurate sizing plays an important role in the success of knee implants.

The anatomy of the knee consists of bones, muscles, ligaments and cartilage that allow your knee to bend and straighten like a hinge on a door. When the cartilage in your knee wears away and the bones of your knee joint rub against each other, the pain becomes severe. During Total Knee Replacement the damaged cartilage and bone of your knee joint are cut away and replaced with smooth, artificial implants, called prostheses, made of metal or another advanced material.

The Best Fit Produces The Best Results

Most knee implants are designed to feel and move as much like a real joint as possible. They are intended to accommodate the motions of your knee that allow you to bend, flex and extend during regular physical activity.

During Total Knee Replacement Surgery your orthopaedic surgeon will take many measurements to ensure that your new implant will fit properly. Bone coverage is an important part of the design of your knee implant. If an implant is fitted incorrectly, it may extend slightly beyond the width of the bone, which can potentially damage the tendons and ligaments around your knee. This could lead to joint pain and an unnatural feeling as you walk.

That is why today’s implants have been designed to address the contours and dimensions of smaller bone sizing for women and larger for men, offering a more accurate fit and greater opportunities to regain your original range of motion. When an Orthopaedic Surgeon chooses the right implant for you, he will also consider your individual needs and the types of activity you would like to engage in After Knee Replacement Surgery.Talk to your doctor to determine which implant is right for you.

A gender specific knee replacement implant is a special type of joint replacement that has been designed either for a man or a woman. Orthopedic manufacturers have started to manufacture these gender specific implants in an effort to improve the durability and function of Knee Joint Replacement