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Advanced Navigation Technology for Knee Surgery now in Mumbai

Advanced Navigation Technology for Knee Surgery now in Mumbai

Knee Arthroplasty or total knee replacement surgery has become a common household term where, usually, the elders reside. Not only our elders, but the younger generation is also infected with bone problems. It often leads to knee surgery, thanks to our unhealthy modern lifestyle infused with technology.

Traditional methods have evolved from longer incisions of 8-10 inches to advanced technology for knee surgery, where the incision used is almost half the size of about 4–6 inches. It also involves lesser tissues cut are affected. This advanced technique aims for minor tissue disturbance, which increases the chances of more secondary postoperative pain and fast recovery.

The techniques that are used in advanced technology for knee surgery which offers minimal invasive knee replacements are

  • Quadriceps sparing
  • Midvastus
  • Subvastus

Science has again gifted us with yet another technology to handle our problems in the form of Advanced Robo- Navigation technology in knee replacements. This technique has been adopted in one of the major cities of India. This city is known for its advanced knee replacements, in Mumbai. Mumbai is a city of repute among the medical travelers who seek advanced technology for knee surgery.

Robo navigation total knee replacement surgery uses the same sensors as used in robotic knee surgery. Every individual has unique knee anatomy, and these gyro sensors help in aligning the implanted knee with the patient's natural anatomy. The sensors' movements are analyzed by a computer program that states the deformity of the knee joint. This navigation done by the sensors helps in getting better results in the future for the patients and reduced recovery time. The patients are benefitted by

  • Minor aches and pains during and after the surgery that is a more painless approach.
  • Faster recovery than the other techniques and may even start walking within a few hours after the surgery.
  • In a few days, the patient returns to a healthy daily life.
  • Better comfort and life to the knees as a result of the better alignment implantation.
  • The cost is much less.
  • Increased longevity to the knees' life.

Dr. Niraj Vora is a reputed orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, who has joined hands with Advanced Multispecialty Hospitals in Vile Parle, West of Mumbai. He intends to provide health care services at a much lower cost, as a consultant orthopedist. Dr. Niraj Vora is one of the revered doctors in India as a total knee replacement surgeon and has been marked as the top surgeon for five years in a row by the jury.

As a knee replacement specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora has introduced VISIONAIRE with a vision for more customized knee replacement for individual patients. According to him, the advanced navigation technology will be of great help for the orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai, who look forward to more precise alignment and positioning of the knee joint. This orthopedic specialist in Mumbai, with the innovative methods applied in VSIONAIRE, work towards a better approach and better results in the healthcare services.