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Knee Replacement

With increase in longevity, more number of senior citizens demand a better quality of life. A painful knee can seriously ...

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Hip Replacement

From past forty years, replacement surgery of hip has been successfully performed. In India, thousands of patients ...

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The process of rejoining and realigning the edges of the broken bones is called as fracture repair. Fracture repair is always done by ...

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Recent advances in medical technology have opened several new chapters in high performance knee surgery. One recent advancement ...

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Dr Niraj Vora - Osteoporosis ...

Dr Niraj Vora is an experienced Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgeon practising in Bombay. He talks about osteomalacia, osteoporosis, knee replacement surgery etc.

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  • Knee Replacement Surgeon In India | Dr Niraj Vora

    For me Dr Niraj L Vora is God sent to me. The reason is bcoz after my Right knee surgery was a bad experience with my another Dr so i was very scared to go for my Left Total Knee Replacement Surgery....

  • Knee Replacement Surgeon In India | Dr Niraj Vora

    For us Dr Vora was god sent. We were very skeptical about our Mom’s knee replacement surgery at the start but after the 1st consultation, it completely changed my mom’s mind set....

  • Knee Replacement Surgeon In India | Dr Niraj Vora

    Dr. Niraj Vora is an excellent Doctor and a wonderful person. I had been facing knee pain for last four years and was looking for a good Knee Replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad and Mumbai...

  • Hip Replacement Surgeon In India | Dr Niraj Vora

    I am 78 years of age and was suffering from severe knee, back and hip pain since 2001. I am also a patient of Hypertension and Parkinson's disease

  • Knee Replacement Surgery - Specialist In Joint Replacement

    PS My husband and my friends are very impressed with him too and are strongly recommending him to all and sundry.

  • Orthopaedic in Mumbai - Dr Niraj Vora

    Today I can walk normally and can do everything just because of Dr Neeraj Vora.

  • Knee Replacement Surgery - Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

    I would recommend Dr NIraj Vora strongly to anyone for Knee replacement surgery or any orthopaedic problems.

  • Knee Replacement Surgeon - Dr Niraj Vora

    Doctor Neeraj, is one of the only doctor who I have seen always answers his patients calls, and if he is too busy makes it a point to return the call.

  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery In India

    Niraj Vora contacted me by email as soon as I requested information, from my home in the United Kingdom, about the possibility of hip surgery in Mumbai.

  • Hip Replacement Surgeon, Mumbai

    I was first diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the Left Hip in February 2012. I was also advised that this was a progressive condition and sooner or later I would need Total Hip Replacement.

  •  Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee Replacement - Dr Niraj Vora

    I am Ms. Brinal Colaco and i am writing this testimonial on behalf of my Father Mr. Michael Peter Colaco. We are residents of Vasai, Maharashtra.

  • Hospital for Knee Replacement | Dr Niraj Vora

    I never understood pure meaning of the line until I met Dr. Niraj Vora and he operated my mother for arthritis.

  • Joint Replacement Specialist in Mumbai, India

    Hello, I'm Dr Geeta , a general practitioner daughter of Mrs Nirmala staying in Vadodara, Gujarat. I'm writing this on behalf of my mom.

  • Knee Specialist in Mumbai | Dr Niraj Vora

    For eight long years I suffered acute pain in my knees. It went on to become chronic, severely impeding my routine activities.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon in India | Dr Niraj Vora

    I am Mrs. Celina Pereira aged 59 years, a resident of Vasai Maharashtra. I am a retired teacher. Being a teacher by profession, standing and teaching was a part of my work.

  • Bilateral Total Knee Surgeon - Dr Niraj Vora

    I was about 72 years old and had come to a point in my life where arthritic knee pain in one of my leg was very bad and the arthritic pain in other leg had slowly started to become unbearable as well.

  • Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Mumbai | Dr Niraj Vora

    I am Sudha Malhotra aged 65. I had been suffering from severe joint pain for last many years. This pain had become unbearable in the past 6 months or so.

  • Knee Replacement Doctor Mumbai

    I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a few years ago and was advised then to have BOTH my knees replaced immediately.

  • Famous Orthopedic Doctor In Mumbai - Dr Niraj Vora

    It was great meeting you after three years. You look exactly the same.....same gold chains, same smile, same attitude which breathe in confidence in patients.

  • Dr Niraj Vora - Joint Replacement Surgeon Mumbai

    I am writing this mail specially to thank you and the entire team of Sunridges Hospital. My wife Sofiya,my family and I wish to express our Gratitude to you for being a kind, generous and intellectual mentor,

  • Total Knee Replacement in Mumbai

    I, Arnavaz P Bharucha, aged 70 years love to walk. I have never owned a car. Walking has a very strong emotional and social significance for me rather than just a physical activity.

  • Hip Replacement Surgeon - Dr Niraj Vora

    On the 30th of December 2014 I had a total right hip replacement surgery done by Dr Niraj Vora, and all thanks to that amazing Doctor, it has been my best New Year gift ever.

  • Total Knee Replacement Specialist in Mumbai

    Having heard about experiences from my colleagues at work about Dr Vora, I had made up my mind to get my Total Knee Replacement done from Dr Niraj Vora.

  • Dr Niraj Vora - Joint Replacement Surgeon

    I was experiencing slight twitching pain in my right knee from the beginning of year 2011. I had shown the same to my family doctor. He gave certain medicines and post that suggested certain exercise for stretching

  • Orthopedic Doctors In Andheri East

    I, Indu Singh presently 65 years of age was suffering from Osteoporosis of bones from last 6 years. A continuous pain and discomfort was experienced in my right knee.

  • Orthopedic Doctor Near Me - Dr Niraj Vora

    I have been suffering from Arthritis with increasing pain in both Knee-Joints since 1996. Though I was a very active working woman, I used to get severe cramps and pain in my calf-muscles below knees,

  • Dr Niraj Vora - Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

    I was suffering from severe knee degeneration for the last few years and have been consulting various orthopaedic specialists. Even my movements inside the office, leave alone, going out for official meetings,

  • Joint Pain Doctor in Mumbai - Dr Niraj Vora

    OHi I'm Rincy Rajesh Bangera. My mum Mrs Aleyamma Rajan aged 63yrs was been suffering from arthritis from long time. Due to dad's illness she gave her problems the least priority

  • Bilateral Tkr - Dr Niraj Vora

    Major part of my life was spent on outdoor sports activities. It had its effect on my knees in due course. My wife was being treated in Ambani Hospital.

  • Knee Transplant Surgery  Doctors Mumbai

    My wife Yasmin age 60 was suffering from knee joint pain for more than 10 years, she tried all types of medicines available for the treatment, the pain would subside for a short while only to return back more severely,

  • After an open knee surgery in 1979 and a few accidents that necessitated two arthroscopies, it was inevitable that I would, at some time, need replacements on both my knees. A nasty fall in July 2011 precipitated matters.

  • Female Orthopedic Doctors Near Me

    I suffered from Knee Pain for almost two years. Pain killers & oil/ ointment massages gave relief temporarily. I consulted three to four well known orthopaedic surgeons of Mumbai,

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Of The Knee

    My father was not able to walk properly for the past year. We consulted Dr. Niraj Vora. He examined him and told us he has severe Arthritis. His knees have developed spikes and are rubbing against each other.

  • Hospital In Andheri West - Dr Niraj Vora

    I got both my knees replaced simultaneously on the 16th September, 2011. Pre surgery, I had a lot of fear and after consulting three doctors in Mumbai, my husband and I finally rested with Dr Vora.

  • On 19/9/2012, my family & self will be celebrating 1st Anniversary of my TKR & would like to place on record my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to you & your team of Surgeons Dr Chirag, Dr Kunal,

  • I consider Dr. Vora as somebody who literally gave me a second life! With close 21 years of walking disability (with one leg shorter than the other by close to 4 inches) I had almost forgotten to walk like normal people.

  • Doctor Of Orthopedic In India

    My wife aged 73 was operated for knee replacement on 6th January 2012. The operation was done by Dr. Niraj Vora in both knees in TWO hours flat. Now she is quite normal and having perfect gait.